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Welcome to the world of Conscious Fiction. Our vision is a world where the next generation can truely thrive and fulfil their maximum human potential. In this media saturated era, our mission is to plant the seeds of wisdom that can later to blossom into big minds. We can’t do much about the quantity of media out there, but we can do our part to enhance the quality of media our children and teens engage with. Through providing wisdom-infused edutainment, Conscious Fiction aims to help tomorrow’s big minds, find joy today, and ultimately, achieve their highest potential. EXPLORE>>>

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“I see our ability to respond as a response-ability. My personal mission is to plant as many seeds of wisdom as I can, to help grow the big minds of tomorrow.”

E.E. Bertram

Our Newest Arrivals

The 123 Theory – PRE-ORDER! Release Date 1.2.23!


Conscious Fiction’s First Adult Non-Fiction Self-Development Book!
Most empaths want to thrive in life, love, and work, especially as we are born with an innate drive to help others. The more people we can help the happier we tend to be. Our problem is, we often hear the wishes of others louder than our own inner voices, and we put other’s needs before our own. We are wired to feel that any other way would be selfish. This can lead to our giving more time, energy and love than we receive. Our friends tell us how kind and giving we are. It’s lovely to be known as that, but over time these imbalances lead to burnout, as well as finding ourselves in draining relationships, sometimes not even sure how we got there, again! Although to us empaths it can feel natural to put others or the causes we believe in before our own wellbeing, it just isn’t sustainable. And it is actually more selfish in the long run because we have given less when you tally up the complete output over our lifetime.

If you want to have maximum energy for the longest duration, which equates to the maximum positive impact for others, the world, and ourselves, The 123 Theory is a theory with a practical application structure that enables you to achieve that.

Order your pre-order now. Release date 1.2.23!

The Vegan Alphabet Book PAPERBACK 2nd Edition (Book 1 of The Little Vegan Books Series)


(0-5 Years)

What better way to introduce your little one to the wonderful world of delicious vegan food and vegan ethics, than with the “The Little Vegan Books” series. Let’s Learn the alphabet – Vegan Style! In Book One, The Vegan Alphabet book, join Tofu & Tempeh and many other vegan characters as we learn the alphabet… vegan style! This isn’t just a fruit and veggies book, many of these obscure food items are kitchen favourites, known quite well to the vegans amongst us. Visit the downloads page to download your complimentary read-along audiobook.

November Fox – Book 1 – Following Joy – Hardback


Think you’ve heard it all? This revelatory chronicle will have you thinking otherwise. Into the swirling vortex, you will be drawn – whether you think this is your sort of audiobook or not. You just might find yourself questioning your own perceptions of reality and be left craving more.

Don’t feel like reading? Why not try the highly recommended Audiobook version. Here are the other versions. USA | UK |GERMANY | FRANCE | AUSTRALIA | Other places just go to your local Audible.com and search for “November Fox.”

The Crown of Gratitude PAPERBACK


(Ages 2-6)

“I hereby declare you, the rightful keeper of the crown…” Despite initially wishing to be the crown wearer for various ego-driven reasons, none of the animals can keep the crown for very long, for as soon as it’s on their heads, they begin feeling grateful to someone else, and feel compelled to pass it on. But who will earn the right to keep it forever more? The Crown of Gratitude is a story of community, kindness, and gratitude. It helps little ones understand the meaning and value of being grateful and of giving.

Panda’s Positive Parade – An Animal & Positive Word Recognition Book for Babies & Toddlers PAPERBACK


(Ages 0-3)

An Animal & Positive Word Recognition Book for Babies & Toddlers. Today is Panda’s birthday, so Panda makes a wish. She wants a Positive Parade of all her animal friends, dressed in costumes. This is a book filled to the brim with positivity, which helps you to introduce your little one to 20 different animals, some common, some obscure, and over 35 wonderfully, positive words.

Little Blue Saves the World – The Yellow Seed PAPERBACK


(Ages 3-7)

When a petition from the village citizens arrives in Little Blue’s letterbox house, demanding that the Mayor create greener areas and reduce pollution, Little Blue jumps into action to save the day. But his idea to plant trees, doesn’t quite go to plan, because his magic tap, Emily, only gives him one, big, yellow seed that refuses to grow. But through persistence and patience, Little Blue ends up with an even better result than he first imagined.

Sadie The Snail – I’m Happy Being Me PAPERBACK


(Ages 0-5)

It’s ok to be different. Sadie is a very humble and grateful snail. Despite criticism and mean comments from various other creatures, Sadie is happy with who she is. A colourful and sweet rhyme book about healthy self-esteem, humility, kindness, friendship, and love. Sadie shows that despite the opinions of others, she can still have the self-confidence to be her true self. Longer description below.

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