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Conscious Fiction’s First Adult Non-Fiction Self-Development Book!
Most empaths want to thrive in life, love, and work, especially as we are born with an innate drive to help others. The more people we can help the happier we tend to be. Our problem is, we often hear the wishes of others louder than our own inner voices, and we put other’s needs before our own. We are wired to feel that any other way would be selfish. This can lead to our giving more time, energy and love than we receive. Our friends tell us how kind and giving we are. It’s lovely to be known as that, but over time these imbalances lead to burnout, as well as finding ourselves in draining relationships, sometimes not even sure how we got there, again! Although to us empaths it can feel natural to put others or the causes we believe in before our own wellbeing, it just isn’t sustainable. And it is actually more selfish in the long run because we have given less when you tally up the complete output over our lifetime.

If you want to have maximum energy for the longest duration, which equates to the maximum positive impact for others, the world, and ourselves, The 123 Theory is a theory with a practical application structure that enables you to achieve that.

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The Vegan Alphabet Book eBOOK (Book 1 of The Little Vegan Books Series)


(0-5 Years)

What better way to introduce your little one to the wonderful world of delicious vegan food and vegan ethics, than with the “The Little Vegan Books” series. Let’s Learn the alphabet – Vegan Style! In Book One, The Vegan Alphabet book, join Tofu & Tempeh and many other vegan characters as we learn the alphabet… vegan style! This isn’t just a fruit and veggies book, many of these obscure food items are kitchen favourites, known quite well to the vegans amongst us. Visit the downloads page to download your complimentary read-along audiobook.

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