The Vegan Alphabet Book eBOOK (Book 1 of The Little Vegan Books Series)


What better way to introduce your little one to the wonderful world of delicious vegan food, than with the “The Little Vegan Books” series.

In Book One, The Vegan Alphabet book, join Tofu & Tempeh and many other vegan characters as we learn the alphabet…vegan style!

This book comes with a bonus audiobook read-along download, with chimes to turn the page, and music as well! Read by the author E.E. Bertram, who loves animals and has been vegan for 20 years and vegetarian for 30 years. Visit the downloads page to download your complimentary read-along audiobook.

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November Fox – Book 1 – Following Joy – Interactive iBooks Version


Think you’ve heard it all? This revelatory chronicle will have you thinking otherwise. Into the swirling vortex, you will be drawn – whether you think this is your sort of audiobook or not. You just might find yourself questioning your own perceptions of reality and be left craving more.